Honeywood Tunebook Play-a-Long Videos

Starting January 2021, we are offering a monthly video subscription to accompany our tunebook, "Tunes from Honeywood, and more".

In non-covid times, we would have been organizing workshops featuring tunes from this book. Since we live rurally, live-streaming is unfortunately not a reliable replacement for in-person workshops.

We are excited to offer this instead! This video series serves as a learning and practising tool for at-home learning of tunes from our tunebook.


Each week we will post a series of videos of a tune from the book. The video series will include:

* Slow play-throughs of the melody, for learning

* Slow play-throughs of the accompaniment, without melody

* At dance tempo recordings of the melody, with accompaniment

* At dance tempo recordings of the accompaniment, without the melody

* Demos of the dances, so you can dance at home!

There are no plans available.