"Honeywood" CD + Tunebook


A package deal for the purchase of the CD and Tunebook, $45 instead of $50.


The album features an hour + of original compositions as well as traditional tunes from France, Germany, and The Netherlands, all for common Western European social folk dances. The recordings feature Emilyn on accordion and violin, John on clarinet and diatonic accordion, and special guests: Tangi Ropars (accordion), Alan Mackie (double bass), Nathan Smith (violin), Kyle Waymouth (tenor banjo), Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral (diatonic accordion), and Camille Raibaud (mandolin).


The Tunebook (beautifully hand-crafted and illustrated by Oksana Hawrylak) features the 30 + tunes from the album plus more of our current favourite tunes to play for dancing! Waltzes, Schottishes, Mazurkas, Bourrees, Rondos, etc.