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New Album of Dutch Music

"The Farmer Who Lost His Cow

and other old Dutch tunes"

New interpretations of melodies from Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlieties en Contredansen (Old and New Farmer Songs and Contradances from Holland), tune books published between 1700 and 1716 in Amsterdam.


The album, 22 traditional Dutch tunes / 16 tracks, features duo arrangements with clarinet, accordion, harmonica, piano, and fiddle. Recorded in Chelsea, Quebec by James Stephens, and the tune title The Farmer Who Lost His Cow rendered in visual art form by Ian Bell in Paris, Ontario.


Limited Edition Woodcut Prints

+ Digital Download

"The Farmer Who Lost His Cow", Woodcut print, Ian Bell, 2021

Original hand-made prints with antique type from Ian Bell, who also created the image as a painting for the CD / Vinyl cover.

These beautifully done, unique pieces of artwork, come with a digital download of the album with digital liner notes.


Available for order or in-person  at our shows. Limited Quantity.

Image: 4 x 5" + text. Paper 8 x 10"


Previous Albums

"Honeywood" - 2020

2021 Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee 

"Instrumental Group of the Year" 

“Honeywood is a complete breath of fresh air…”

- Elizabeth Szekeres , Roots Music (Canada)

“Stam and Williams play with joy, technique and superb musicianship…Great entertaining diverse musical feels throughout.”

- Tiina Kiik, Whole Note Magazine (Toronto, Canada)

"There are all manner of folk dances here...all played with an exuberance and swing to drive the dancers on."
- Tim Readman, Penguin Eggs (Canada)

“...the Honeywood sound is delightful...French and Low Countries dance music, well written and played.”

- Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld (Europe)

“It satisfies the feet and it also does a very good job on the heart… They're superb instrumentalists, with a deep love not only of the music, but also the dances and form, brimming with imagination in the way they approach it all.”

- Chris Nickson, RootsWorld (USA)

“L’ensemble est certes sans trop de prétention, mais joli, sincère et efficace...morceaux bien dynamiques...”

Marc Baudain, Canard Folk (Belgium)

Self-Titled - 2015

“The idea that folk music needs to exist in glass boxes is what tends to hold it back. Emilyn and John have a tremendous way of progressing folk music that is respectful but at the same time so freeing and playful.”

- Tom Power, CBC

"Stam and Williams play with colourful and expressive nuance, and their enjoyment of what they’re doing is palpable. Much instrumental virtuosity is on display here too but it’s all in good service to the music… This is creative, witty and beautiful music making.”
– Alison Melville, WholeNote Magazine

“Ingenious, witty…”

– fROOTS Magazine (UK)

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