New Album and Tunebook - Now Available! 

"Honeywood" is nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award 2021, "Instrumental Group of the Year"!

The Album features an hour + of original compositions as well as traditional tunes from France, Germany, and The Netherlands, all for common Western European social folk dances. The recordings feature Emilyn on accordion and violin, John on clarinet and diatonic accordion, and special guests: Tangi Ropars (accordion), Alan Mackie (double bass), Nathan Smith (violin), Kyle Waymouth (tenor banjo), Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral (diatonic accordion), and Camille Raibaud (mandolin).

The Tunebook (beautifully hand-crafted and illustrated by Oksana Hawrylak) features 60 tunes: the tunes from the album plus more of our current favourite tunes to play for dancing! Waltzes, Schottishes, Mazurkas, Bourrées, Rondos, etc.


"Honeywood", 2020

Self-titled debut album of original compositions, 2015

Digital Downloads

"The Hexagon Rondo"


from "Honeywood" 


Bourrées in the Ottawa Valley

Jigs, Drom Taberna, with Nathan Smith
Toronto, CAN

Trad 18th Century Dutch Tunes

Scottisches, with Robert Alan Mackie

Bourrées, with Robert Alan Mackie

Bourrées, with Robert Alan Mackie


About Emilyn and John

Original and traditional instrumental music for folk dances and concerts

Ontario based duo Emilyn Stam and John David Williams merge the voices of clarinet, violin, diatonic and chromatic accordions to create a modern sound steeped in tradition. They met in 2011 as members of the Lemon Bucket Orkestra. During quiet hours of busy tour schedules they discovered a similar sensibility in improvisation and composition, and began to create a distinctive duo sound mainly featuring clarinet and violin. They both draw on wide musical influences and experience including Klezmer, early jazz and blues, and various fiddle traditions from Canada and abroad. Their first CD is a collection of original compositions based on improvisation and exploring playful instrumental duet dialogues. Currently, they are focusing on the folk music and dance traditions of western Europe. In addition to exploring traditional dance styles and tunes, they are developing a repertoire of original music meant equally for social dance and concert settings. They have released an album of this repertoire titled "Honeywood"in July 2020. They are also primary organizers of the first Canadian festival dedicated to music and dance from western Europe: The Big Branch Festival.

“The idea that folk music needs to exist in glass boxes is what tends to hold it back. Emilyn and John have a tremendous way of progressing folk music that is respectful but at the same time so freeing and playful.”

– Tom Power, CBC

"Stam and Williams play with colourful and expressive nuance, and their enjoyment of what they’re doing is palpable. Much instrumental virtuosity is on display here too but it’s all in good service to the music… This is creative, witty and beautiful music making.”
– Alison Melville, WholeNote Magazine

“Ingenious, witty…”

– fROOTS Magazine (UK)


Upcoming Shows and Events

Contact us to book your own backyard physically-distanced concert for Spring or Summer 2021!

Selected Past Shows and Tours

Winterfolk Festival, Toronto, CAN -2019

Summerfolk Festival, Owen Sound, CAN  - 2017, 2018

Pittsburg Balfolk Blast, USA - 2018

Silvester Folk, Colditz, DE - 2018

Blue Skies Music Festival, Clarendon, ON - 2017

Festival Trad du Monde
(with Tangi Ropars), Sherbrooke, CAN - 2017

Festival Fous d’Archet, Toulouse, FR -2017

Home Routes Tour
(Spring 2016 - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, CAN)

European Concert Tour
(Winter 2017 - Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium)


European Balfolk Tour
(Winter 2019 - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France)

Workshops & Events

Emilyn and John have improvised music for silent films, accompanied clown performances, played countless Horahs and Klezmer sets for weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, led group music workshops, played for contemporary dance classes, have taught folk music and dancing in schools, parks, camps and festivals, and are available for future workshops, events, performances and collaborations.

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